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Wendels Robots



From the 2007 Re-Release when the Wendels were still a functioning band on tour across the American North East with various ska/punk staples:

"Welcome to the re-release. This album was originally pressed in 2007. A whopping 50 COPIES were made and none of us still owns a single one of them. We seemed to recall it having some pretty cool artwork, but recently it's come to light that this was just a rumor Rocky had started to improve morale. Needless to say, the studio has been thrown into turmoil ever since.
 - Ilan Moskowitz, Chairman of Percussive Affairs."

For Wendels info go to the now-defunct: www.oerecords.blogspot.com

Brian Wendel - Vocals, Guitar

Rocky Russo - Bass, Vocals
Ilan Moskowitz - Vocals, Drums
Gabe Jasmin - Trumpet, Vocals
Jacklyn Falk - Sax