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Filmtime Backstory


This is Filmtime with Ray. He is the longest running college television host on the longest running college television program in America. That's 130 glimpses into the madness of a state budget call-in show which catered to anyone within a broadcast range unrestricted to the college.

Filmtime, the fedora-clad everyman in this late-night academic bedlam, often lost his cool, chain smoking, unabashedly making references over everyone's heads and ultimately forgetting to talk about films.

My 100th episode, quite the accomplishment, with G.I Dave, The Genuine immatations, Strippers, and Zorro and some odd guys & genuinely confused and seemingly put off young ladies. The Jameson Revival band.

His broadcast was often cornered by drunks who'd stumbled upon the college station and intended to commandeer the whole late-Thursday broadcast.

This is the first the first episode of my last season. Great performance by the Purchase band The Wendles on Valentines Day 2010. It's kind of like looking at Baby Pictures, a little embrassing, but thats what editing is for. Thanks, Illian, Brian, Rocky, Harry, Milo and pete.

When the shows weren't being invaded, the phone lines were always open for merciless viewer calls. There were a lot of green screens and a couple times Ray just started shaving his beard mid-broadcast out of frustration.

General Disclaimer, if you have never watched this show, its a its a Concept program. Like a hybrid of loving movies and hating on variety television. It's not the ramblings of some guy. It's part of the act. This is the infamous "Shaving " Episode.

Episode 104 from season 4 of Film Time with Ray, The I hate Cinema Episode, its supposed to be the "Anti" film love show. Its my favorite episode, skip to the middle of this clip, around 30 minutes.

Sequel to Black Swan. Filmed on the same location as the Hollywood film. This film starts where the first one ended. Here, Nina ( Kate Kenny) is partnered with a crazy new dancer as part of a parole program. That Dancer is Lindsay Lohan ( Mia).

Flash forward five years. Fake Publishing Millionaires presents a collaboration with Filmtime, hosting his new films on this page as he curates all submissions to the new FPM film department.

Welcome to the return of FILMTIME WITH RAY.