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Fake Publishing Millionaires’
Anti-Twitter Mail Campaign

Washington D.C., April 1, 2017 (Fake Publishing Millionaires) – Many Washingtonians will be startled to find the neon visage of our president, eyes gouged by the signature hand gesture of Portland, OR band Millennial Falcon in their mailboxes this week. These colorful postcards are part of an Anti-Twitter campaign by up-and-coming national publishing house/record label Fake Publishing Millionaires to protest the ephemeral nature of social media in American politics, as well as its use in the rise of anonymous, trolling hate groups.

By taking this week-long process of mailing physical cardstock with the anti-Trump album cover by Annie Ulukou cross-country, the Millennial Falcon and Fake Publishing Millionaires hope to illustrate the level of forethought inherently void in the immediate nature of Tweets.

The Millennial Falcon (www.millennialfalconcomics.com) is the brainchild of Ilan Moskowitz, recently in the news for stopping local nazi meetups. The band itself is a psychedelic fusion of reggaeton, punk rock, tropicalia, American folk and other genres with a semi-autobiographical comic book about space pirates defeating a fascist Federation of Job Creators.

The Millennial Falcon’s new single is a long-playing compilation of their songs “Another Yipping Dog” and “My Heart Tested Positive for Someone Else.”

Kelly’s Olympian has called the Millennial Falcon’s music “Meta-punk for modern dissatisfaction.” Their most recent music video juxtaposes raw footage of protests after Trump's inauguration in Portland, Oregon with lyrics like “your affection is a lot like Bernie Sanders, you keep me honest but you’re never going to win a rigged race.”

Fake Publishing Millionaires is a company dedicated to the revolutionary act of bringing quality fringe art to the American spotlight in affordable, unpredictable ways. As a national group, their intent is to to shake up the corporate paradigm in digital America by setting a new standard for not only our companies, but their publications. Through concerts, literary events and so-called ‘Campaigns of National Zen’ like the Anti-Twitter, Fake Publishing Millionaires will not allow human contact nor the printed word become antiquated.

Chris Castro,
Co-Founder, Editor
Fake Publishing Millionaires