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Ask Professor Yolo Forgetful

A silly answer for all your silly queries.

Rocks on Rocks on Rocks

Yo, Yo, Yo.  Prof. Forgetful, what’s the science?  I’m chilling here at the bar and this cat, straight gurped, almost falling all over hisself, tries to start telling me that the geologic activity that formed the Himalayas is the same force that created nunataks in Antarctica.  I told this fool he had to be trippin, glacial activity formed them mofuckas and it was straight orogeny along the boundary zone between the Indo-Australian plate and the Eurasian that caused the highest mountains on Earth to be formed, he sipped on his Ciroc, contemplating my argument for a moment or two, then this ni**a straight passed out, fell off his stool, bouncers come up and walk his stank ass to the door and chuck him out into the street.  

Was rollin when I saw that shit go down, but anyways, back to why I’m hittin you up in the first place, why some drunk fools gonna step when it comes to geologic processes’, like they post-docs now or some mess and yours truly don’t even know the difference between plume tectonics and surge tectonics?

From, Da Rockwilder (you know, cuz I’m wild about rocks)



Professor Yolo Forgetful writes: Jah bless, Rockwilder, loved your work on Redman’s newest one!  It is a puzzling conundrum as to why some toy ass bitches would try to step to your geologic knowledge, I’m sure after that display all the hoes panties were akin to the Pacific, to be specific.  If anyone were to behave similarly in a seminar I was instructing I’m sure I’d have to pop my trunk so kudos to you for not reverting to gun violence and lending further credence to the damaging stereotype that all geologists blast on sight.  Thanks again, Rockwilder!