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Ask Professor Yolo Forgetful

A silly answer for all your silly queries.

I'm in love with a tripper.

Hail and well met, Professor Yolough!  I’m in the midst of mildly heinous experiments using myself as the test subject which you may find of interest.  I’m sure you’ve heard of microdosing, essentially ingesting a steady low stream of hallucinogens for predetermined periods of time, well, I’ve combined facets of Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, and Calvinball with a regimen of microdosing for the past week and let me tell you, the results are unintelligibly hilarious or hilariously unintelligible, I can no longer distinguish between the two.  I’ve found the only real hurdle to speak of is keeping score, that and the fact that I’ve fallen in and out of love with my hairdresser 4 times in the past fifteen minutes.  Les sanglots longs they blessent my coeur, yknow?  ON TO THE POINT OF MY MISSIVE THOUGH!


Have you ever macrodosed?  I’m talking heroic status.  If so, how long before you came back, or are you back?  Am I back?  Who’ll stop the rain?  Do you ever dream of candy coated raindrops?  Could humans survive high speed Reeses’ Pieces hail or would life on earth perish from the reality proposed by this seemingly benign catchy song lyric?


Answer me these questions three (or six) and all shall see, that the mentor has become the manatee.


-DJ Hobo Ken


Professor Yolo Forgetful writes: I have returned, it took a while, I don’t know where you are, the CIA?  I don’t dream of candy coated raindrops because that is simply water with candy mixed in, I’ll just eat M&M’s and then take a sip of water, please and thank you.  And I do believe if bits of candy were able to retain their integrity on falling from a mile or so up in the atmosphere it would be the end of life as we know it, all the more reason to ditch that bolo (tie) and shout YOLO!

FakePublishing Millionaires