Fake Publishing Millionaires

Ask Professor Yolo Forgetful

A silly answer for all your silly queries.

Clorox Horcrux

Dear Professor Forgetful, am I the only one who gets fake porn accounts befriending them on social media or is this my former life's profession haunting me?  


Sincerely, A Concerned Party


P.S. Why does bleach taste so bad but smell so good?



Professor Yolo Forgetful writes: Egads!  If the professions of our former lives returned to haunt us, and this goes back to antediluvian times then just as that colorful man who accosted me down by the river said, we ARE all whores!  I had espied him from afar as I headed to the bank to fish and thought it was indeed the specter of Chris Farley come back to life to accost me about living in the proverbial van down by the river, however, this man could have eaten even the portly Mr. Farley in a single sitting, 11 feet tall if he was an inch, or two 5 and half foot tall men standing on top of each other and hidden underneath a trenchcoat, come to think of it.  Well, anyways, he said just what you have implied here, with the oldest profession arguably being mercenary and the second prostitution then haven't we all fought and fucked enough?  Questions begat questions!


FakePublishing Millionaires