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FPM Publishing makes zines, short novels, live events, comic books and music. But none of it is done the usual way. Our URL embraces the world’s naysayers. They are right, releasing comic books with new wave albums or soundtracking serialized, illustrated novellas for commuters’ phones is ridiculous. But that’s why we’re here. DIY to the core. Our story is below.


FPM was started in 2014 in San Francisco.
Chris Castro had long been writing his first novella Heterochromia. Ilan Moskowitz was abandoning a dying world of print journalism with the SF Bay Guardian, Bay Area Reporter and others. With a shared love of Roberto Bolano, the Replacements and a deceptively simple goal of running an intellectual online entertainment community (whatever THAT means), the two dove into their creation as a digital platform.
In 2015 Moskowitz and Castro set up FPM creative teams in California and New York.
FPM was incorporated as Fake Publishing Millionaires LLC and began streaming exclusively digital content.
FPM’s 2017 “Anti-Twitter”  campaign sent postcards to thousands of houses in Washington D.C. to protest the use of social media between Trump and foreign leaders for political discourse. The postcards featured a logo for the FPM band/comic Millennial Falcon, in which the band’s hand gesture was used to gouge the eyes of Donald Trump.
From 2017 onward, print publications became FPM’s main focus.
Castro’s Heterochromia became the first FPM novella in print. Millennial Falcon Comics #0 and Hikikomori EP followed.
As of 2019, FPM will be putting out as many zines as possible. We are certainly looking for new writers as well!
There will be a Millennial Falcon Comics #1 - #6 miniseries, each bundled with a new Millennial Falcon album.
In 2018, the FPM Spoke-Coustic Showcase series began.
This series provides a platform in which hard left or anarchist speakers, DIY publishers, independent musicians and writers of all varieties can have a safe space to express/sell their art in its fullest. The Spoke-Coustic Showcase has since grown out of bars into stages around California, Oregon and beyond.


Now go create something.


Company Founders/Owners:
Chris Castro
Ilan Moskowitz

Logo Art:
Aaron Zonka

Graphic Designer:
Cameron Olszewski